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HOME · Welcome. This is my earlier site (~1997 to 2010); my new website is now here but some stuff remains on the scorpioncity site. - David Joffe

[David Joffe] I'm David Joffe, and this is my personal web page.

I am South African (from and living in Pretoria), have a Computer Science degree, and do primarily software development for a living. My CV can be read here.

I am currently CEO of TshwaneDJe HLT, a Human Language Technology company. I primarily manage the development of TshwaneLex, a professional, commercial lexicography (dictionary compilation) software package used worldwide. This has many features designed to streamline the production of professional dictionaries for print, electronic media (e.g. CD-ROM) and online publication. I also manage the development of TshwaneTerm, our terminology management software.

Using TshwaneLex, we have done some work on African languages and other marginalized and/or endangered languages, via (amongst others) creating an online Northern Sotho - English dictionary, an explanatory Northern Sotho dictionary and a Swahili - English dictionary (which also includes a Sheng dictionary).

My previous full-time job was C++ Virtual Reality (3D graphics) application development and software project management for 5DT, a South African simulation company (virtual reality hardware and software). Some of the more recent projects I was in charge of were the 5DT Haul Truck Training Simulator and the 5DT Shovel/Excavator Training Simulator. These systems are used for the training and evaluation of operators of Surface Mine equipment. While at 5DT, I also had a significant role in developing and managing Flight Simulator visualisation systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle simulator visual systems, a fiber-guided missile training simulator, and a number of High Voltage training products.

Personal programming projects include small puzzle games such as this Sokoban implementation.

I am currently learning to speak Northern Sotho ('Ke ithuta go bolela Sesotho sa Leboa, gomme ke dira lenaneo la khomphuthara la go dira dipukuntšu' .. :). I have also recently started learning Zulu ... (Ngifunda ukukhuluma isiZulu!).

I occasionally do art as a hobby and have placed a few drawings/paintings of mine online. I used to also sometimes draw comic strips. Another 'occasional hobby' of mine is cycling.

Various odds and ends and other past endeavours of mine can also be found on this website.